Dental Recontouring

Dental recontouring, also known as “odontoplasty,” refers to the cosmetic reshaping of a tooth or multiple teeth so that they look healthy and normal. This procedure involves removing small amounts to dental enamel in order to change a tooth’s length, shape or visible surface. The result from dental recontouring is a more uniform, attractive look to your smile, overall. This is one of the most conservative treatments in cosmetic dentistry, working with only very minor alterations. The procedure is painless since it does not affect anything deeper than the tooth’s surface and the results are immediately visible.

Dental recontouring is commonly used to:

  • Smooth teeth with small chips
  • Correct bulges or divots in a tooth
  • Shorten and round canine teeth that are too long or sharp-looking
  • Reshape teeth that are overlapping, allowing for more effective cleaning and improved dental hygiene
  • Smooth crevasses in teeth, preventing cavities from forming there

Dental recontouring is not recommended for broken or severely chipped teeth, which should be securely repaired with a crown or bonding. It is, however, frequently used in combination with these treatments to restore your smile to uniformity. Before considering dental recontouring you will want to first have a comprehensive evaluation, X-ray and examination of your tooth’s structure and enamel layer. Our doctors can then prepare a treatment plan that is catered to your unique needs and budget.

If you have any questions regarding treatment options, payment information, insurance, location, etc., please let us know!