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While preventing tooth decay is always our goal at Tafolla & Hammack Family Dentistry, we understand that it is an almost inevitable occurrence at some point in your life. In this case, we strive to provide to keep the cavity from spreading or becoming infected by treating it with a dental filling. In all we do here, our doctors and staff are committed to making your comfort a top priority. We are aware that you may feel some anxiety regarding filling treatments, so we make a point of thoroughly communicating with you about all stages of treatment and asking you frequently about how you are feeling. Throughout your filling treatment, we want to provide you with wholehearted care that puts you at ease.

Cavities can be found one of three ways: through dental X-rays, a toothache or when our doctors inspect your tooth and find a pit or area that “sticks” when prodded. This stickiness indicates that your dental enamel is softer than it should be and is decaying. The goal of a dental filling is removed the decayed parts of the tooth and seal the area so oral bacteria cannot enter. You will first be given a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding area for the duration of the filling. We will then use a fine, high-speed drill to remove the decayed parts of the tooth. Once the decay is removed, we will use a slower, softer drill to smooth out the cavity and shape it for a filling.

Routine dental checkups and exams

There is nothing ordinary about the way you will be treated at the office of Tafolla & Hammack Family Dentistry. Here, we offer personable, kind service centered on making your whole body health the best it can be, beginning with your smile. We like to provide care that’s friendly and compassionate, with a dose of humor and lightheartedness thrown in so you can trust that you’re in good hands! Through all stages of dental treatment, Dr. Tafolla, Dr. Hammack, and our staff will offer wholehearted care that places the focus on you.

When it comes to keeping your smile in great shape, preventative dentistry and oral health education are the best tools we have. We recommend that you come to visit us for a cleaning and consultation about your oral health at least once every six months. This gives us a chance to carefully examine your teeth for cavities, check for gingivitis and oral cancer and talk with you about any questions and concerns you might have about how best to care for your smile. If we determine that you might benefit from one of our services in general dentistry, we can get you scheduled for treatment right then and there in our office.

We offer a multitude of general dentistry services for the whole family, including:

Bridges/crowns – Reshaping and strengthening a tooth using durable materials to restore functionality
Endodontics and root canals – The gentle removal of infected or troublesome tooth roots and tooth matter
Extractions – The removal of damaged teeth
Fillings – The gentle removal of decayed tooth matter to be replaced with a metallic or ceramic filler
Sealants – The painting of a thin coating on the chewing surfaces of your teeth to prevent the development of cavities

We also offer Children’s Dentistry

We also offer children’s dentistry services. Whether your children need general cleanings or cosmetic dental solutions, Dr. Tafolla and Dr. Hammack have the experience and the gentle touch necessary to make every visit a comfortable one.

If you have any questions regarding treatment options, payment information, insurance, location, etc., please let us know!