Most dentists offer professional teeth whitening procedures for their patients. However, a lot of people still choose to use at-home whitening methods because they are typically a more affordable option. One such home treatment option for whitening your teeth is the use of whitening strips. These can be found in drug stores and pharmacies. They are usually a package of disposable strips that need to be used for a predetermined amount of time to achieve desired results.

How Do Whitening Strips Work?

The whitening strips you purchase from the store will contain bleach or peroxide. In reality, the ingredients work similar to how you bleach your hair or clothes. The bleach or peroxide will soak into your teeth’s enamel and restore them to a more natural, white color.

Many of the store-bought whitening strips are made using polyethylene. This is a thin, elastic type of plastic. On each strip, the plastic is coated with the bleaching ingredient. Different brand strips will contain more than others. Each package will come with their own set of instructions for use. Typically, you can expect to wear the strips from 30 minutes to a couple hours each day until you reach your desired white shade.

Benefits Of Using Whitening Strips

The biggest benefit of using the at-home strips, other than for whitening your teeth, is the affordability of them. Treatments you purchase online or at your local store are much cheaper than a teeth whitening procedure done at your dentist’s office. They are also very simple to use and you can achieve great results after a few days or weeks of use. The whitening results should last at least six months. It should be noted, however, that while whitening your teeth at your dentist’s office costs more, the procedure will be done in one visit and results last longer than any at-home treatments.

Dangers Of Using Home Whitening Strips

As with any type of treatment you do without supervision, there are always some dangers that should be taken into consideration before you try it. At-home teeth whitening strips are relatively safe for anyone to use. However, using too often puts your enamel at risk of being destroyed. If you use strips that contain chlorine dioxide, using them improperly will eat away at your enamel and put you at an increased risk of tooth decay and worse staining. The key to using the strips safely is following the instructions in the box.

Two Types of Whitening Strips

The most common type of strips are the ones that require you to put the strip on your teeth and then remove them once your time is up. These are typically used twice a day for a couple weeks. The other type of strips will dissolve after coming into contact with your saliva. These strips will not have to be removed.